Unique Architecture.

Unique Architecture has a vast experience in Designing, Construction and Consultancy Field. UA has completed over 350+ projects over the time span of last 03 years.

Following services are currently provided by unique architecture:

  1. Detailed Civil Drawings including Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Detailing of Roofs and Floors; including all the necessary diagrams for the submission to Development Authorities and for the ease of Client during construction.
  2. 3D Modelling on Autodesk Revit Software of all sort of Building mainly including Homes, Offices, Plazas. Institutions, Clubs and others. 
  3. High Quality Rendered Interior Designing and Plans.
  4. Cost Estimation and Preparation of Bill of Quantities inculding the Breakdown of Estimation into Building Floors and Summary along with the development of Agreement and Contract Document between Client and Contractor.
  5. WordPress, e-Commerce and Custom Website Development.


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